SEO is Vital to Strangle Crawling Web Spiders

SEO is vital to your website. Is this a true statement? Let’s consider the acronym “SEO”.

What do the letters SEO stand for?


SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. To ensure this article is not too lengthy, we will only look at the very basics of what SEO means and why it is vital to your website. If you prefer a much more detailed explanation, click here.

Although there are many different search engines on the internet, we will only consider one, Google.

When a website is created, more often than not, the creator or owner of said website would like the search engines to find that website. For what purpose? Usually, owners of websites are offering to sell products and/or services.

For customers searching for these products and/or services via a web browser, the search engine associated with the web browser relies on the names of the products and/or services offered.

All search engines have “crawling” programs to seek out identifiers for products and/or services.

Why is SEO vital for website crawlers?

There is another term used for crawlers, which is “spiders”. Search engine spiders probably give us a better mental picture to understand the function of crawlers.

Picture a tiny spider. He is very versatile and can get into very small areas to avoid detection.

This is much the same as search engine crawlers. These “spiders” search through every part of a website. Why do they do this? Basically, to find new and updated content. Google, for example, has an incredibly complex algorithm for gathering information from websites, via their crawlers.

One website might contain thousands of pages of information. Crawlers need to see how all of the internal workings of each page connects to the entire website. To the user, it would be mind-boggling to attempt to figure out how it all works. Yes, although the complexity of search engine algorithms exists, trust is involved to search and find the information we desire. When the spider, or crawler finishes its work, the detailed information is stored in the search engine database, for indexing.

How does indexing affect someone searching for my website?

When we think of a blueprint, we can see exactly how everything is drawn and  connected, with the purpose made clear. Indexing is like a digital blueprint.

An architect can quickly see a design blueprint and determine whether it is of good quality or is flawed, which is a similar process to indexing a website.

Search engines can quickly see the qualities of a website and determine if it is better or worse than others. This is called Search Engine Ranking, and SEO is vital for obtaining a good Search Engine Ranking.

Why SEO is vital to good Search Engine Ranking.

Another article at Digital Content Providers mentioned the search results for the term “SEO”. In Google’s search engine, this produced 647 million results, which gives us a better picture of how this works, and why SEO is vital.

In Google’s database, there are 647 million pages of information about SEO. Every page was crawled and indexed by Google’s spiders, or crawlers. Every page is ranked. It’s difficult to imagine any human computing this type of formula.

Obviously, one page would be number one in the rankings. People do not like spending a lot of time searching online. That is a fact. So, imagine how busy your website would be if that one page is number one on the list of 647 million other pages?

Now we can understand the importance of why SEO is vital for websites.

When producing content by means of contracting article writers, it is important that the article writer uses good SEO practices.

After all, the content on your website is important to you, and you want it to be noticed.