AI and Machine Learning in Leading US Companies

In the past decade, AI and Machine Learning have become an intrinsic part of business in many US companies. One source states that AI is “intelligence demonstrated by machines.” It is thus the opposite of human intelligence. The AI system has the ability to learn, to imitate people, and to communicate, although with some limitations.

What companies are taking the lead in using AI? And how have they implemented this system? This article will look at a few US-based companies that are leading players in the use of AI, RPG, and machine learning.

AI and Machine Learning

Companies Using AI


Yelp was founded in 2004 and is based in San Francisco, CA. This company runs an app with crowd-sourced reviews of businesses. It also runs operating online reservation services.

The company uses machine learning to collect various customer recommendations. Yelp’s AI engine bases recommendations on which businesses a user has viewed. Additionally, it uses recommendations they received the previous week. “The emphasis is on fresh, dynamic content,” said Jay Garg, the Yelp Product Lead.

The Collections feature is split into three categories:

  • Weekly user Recommendations.
  • Collections published by Yelp.
  • Personal Collections that users create themselves.

Yelp Collections aims to highlight the top restaurants, hotels, and other services in your area. This feature uses a combination of machine learning, algorithmic sorting, and manual curation. It uses them to make the best local services available to everyone.


Another company that has recently made a breakthrough in the use of machine learning and AI.

Established in 2006, HubSpot has found a reputable place in the world of software development and marketing companies. Its aim is to provide tools for social media marketing, content management, lead generation, live chat, and customer support.

The HubSpot platform uses machine learning so each business can enjoy improved analytics and better customer service.

This platform uses AI to gather information about the preferences of potential clients. This data is then analyzed, reorganized, and analyzed again. This is done so the platform has enough data points. The data points are a base to their content predictions when making the perfect recommendation for the client.

Using AI and machine learning tools, the HubSpot platform is able to reach the specific client with precise suggestions. These tools go through many possible solutions and find the one that is most likelyto turn the potential into a real client.


The last company,  and arguably the most famous, that uses AI and machine learning is, of course, is Google.

At Google, AI is used “mainly to augment the abilities of people, to accomplish more, and to allow more time to be spent on creative endeavors.”

AI makes it easier for people to do everyday things. Whether that be searching for photos of loved ones, breaking down language barriers, or typing emails on the go.

At Google, the crucial point is to use technology for the benefit of the people. The goal of their AI is to be socially beneficial, fair, accountable, and available to everyone.


Whether the companies using AI are big or small, it is clear that it should bring benefits to everyone. It should make life easier and should be easily navigable. It is the responsibility of each of us to use it for not only our own benefit but also that of other people.